Monday, August 14, 2017

"How Many Children"

"Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh 
and the greatness which does not bow before children."
-- Kahlil Gibran

This set of 4, 6 x 6 Gesso Board panels really surprised me.

It was my intention to create a pretty little set of canvases using vintage materials and photos wrapped in big blocks of acrylic. I wanted something raw and rough to compliment the soft color of Robin’s Egg Blue, but beyond that, I had no direction.

As I stared to gather materials for the project, beginning with vintage photographs, I decided to focus on children. I had a fabulous old shot of a 3rd grade classroom that I’d been saving forever, and this project seemed the perfect chance to play with it. I added old children’s school papers and assignments, old nursery rhymes, a broken vintage ruler and - this is the best part - an old circuit board of some kind that I found last year in the desert. As I began to piece it all together, the story began to tell itself.

And it wasn't pretty. As I arranged this and that, I saw a pattern emerging; one that I didn’t sign up for. This was dark, a bit ominous and, if I’m being honest, rather creepy. It was a story of child abuse, that was clear, but why it came out of me, the girl who’s usually all hearts and rainbows, I do not know. But, I went with it. And I have to say, it turns out to be something I’m very proud of.

I hope it tells a story without being obvious, and I hope it’s message is one that will inspire others to get out their old ephemera and see what THEY have to say, because the unintentional story telling is, in my view, the most magical part of creating.

Kristin xo

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Come to My Party! Mixed Media Play w/ Jessica Sporn Designs . . .

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
— Henry Ford

Happy Thursday!

And welcome to my last post for this year's Jessica Sporn Designs Creative Team. I had a blast, created 15 videos over the course of the year, and got to play with beautiful stencils from Jessica's collection with Stencil Girl and stamps from her partnership with RubberMoon. We were also gifted fabulous new supplies from Deco Art Media which I have truly cherished. Thank you Jessica for your love, support and beautiful inspirations. 

Now, on to this week's project, a Mixed Media piece made from cardboard backing and one of my favorite - or favorit-est if you'll recall - stencil from Jessica's collection. You can pop over to her blog HERE to see more! 

I hope you like it; please let me know if you rip the back of your paper pads for the process too. . .  

With love, 
Kristin xo 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

3 Ways to Jumpstart A New Journal!

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."
-- Arthur Ashe

Hi there,

I gotta new journal! This is what I did to kick it off. . . .

What do you do with a brand new Journal? I'd love to know!

Kristin xo

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mixed Media Layers: Tissue & Deli Papers w/ Jessica Sporn Designs!

“A grownup is a child with layers on.”
-- Woody Harrelson

Helloooooo & Welcome! 

I had so much fun with this one; creating my own transparent layers for Mixed Media with both deli and tissue papers. 

I used every stencil I have by Jessica Sporn Designs for Stencil Girl and my favorite-est tiny stamps from her line with RubberMoon. It was fast, fun and totally addicting. Oh, and there's lotsa glitter and even a little copper foil involved too, so there's that.

For all the details on this project, head over to Jessica's blog. And please do let me know if you try it: I'd really love to see what you do!

Stay cool!
Kristin xo

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Turning a SKETCH into a STENCIL . . .

"I'm no model lady. A model's just an imitation of the real thing."
-- Mae West

Hellllooooo & Happy (officially) Summer!

I've been playing with a new toy: a wood burning tool! I'd been talking about making my own stencils with an arty friend, when she suggested that I try a wood burning tool and overhead projector sheets. Not only did she tell me what to do, but she then gave a stack of said sheets for me to try it. 

Try I did, and I have to say, I'm hooked! It's fun, relatively easy, and totally unique to me - or you - once you give it a go:

Have Fun & Happy Cutting!
Kristin xo

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer Blog Hop, Video & Giveaway w/ Jessica Sporn Designs!

"What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade".
-- Gertrude Jekyll

Helllloooo & Happy {almost} Summer! 

To celebrate, I'm HOPPING with the Jessica Sporn Design Team where we'll be sharing Summer-inspired projects and offering a GIVEAWAY of Jessica Sporn's newest stencil, "Women Will Heal the World." 

Wanna see the stencil first? Okay, here it is:

Pretty fabulous, right? It's such a unique stencil, I can't wait to share what I did with it. Here's my take on the theme; a DIY canvas tote for all our Summertime Art Journaling needs. . . .

Now, Let's get hopping! Be sure to comment here and on each blog listed below for multiple chances to win Jessica's newest stencil. All comments must be entered by Monday, June 12th, 6:00 pm EST. The winner will be announced the following day, Tuesday June 13th, on Jessica's Blog

Until we meet again,
Kristin xo

Saturday, May 20, 2017

"Thinking Cap" with Sunday Postcard Art!

"You can have fun, but you must also put on your thinking cap every day."
-- Tommy Shaw

Hellooooo & Happy Sunday Postcard Art!

I'm excited to be playing host this week, and have suggested the theme of "Thinking Cap." 

Mine is inspired by my role as a homeschool teacher / parent, and the beautiful fact that school's almost out! It was our first year of Middle School - our 4th year homeschooling - and although very rewarding, there were definitely moments of stress; mostly coming from yours truly. Now that pool parties are starting to replace tutoring sessions, the 11-year-old's not the only one that's doing a happy dance around here. 

But I digress: won't you join us by trying your hand at postcard art? I'd love to see how you interpret the theme!

Check out all the details here. . . 

With Love,
Kristin xo